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More about Malanowka



The house was designed and built by my husband – Malan in 2009. He is a construction engineer, however his great passion is baking and he has been running his own business - a bakery successfully for 20 years.

My husband really put his heart into Malanowka and it became our ‘third child’. Our life revolves around it – we love it, miss it when parted for too long, look after it, buy constantly new items to beautify it. We are proud of Malanowka and how it looks and happy when our guests and visitors also appreciate and admire it.

The house itself is new, made of bricks, of 120 square meters living space. It is fully furnished and has all luxury features like well-equipped kitchen, cosy bedrooms with clean linen, large patio, not to mention a TV set or a fire place. It can welcome 10 guests.

Malanowka is a two storey house .

Downstairs you will find a large living room with a kitchen, bathroom and a small bedroom. All is decorated in old Provencal style – antique furniture in pale colours, wooden supporting beams, stairs and the door as well as large dining table 10 people can sit at. New tableware and exceptional table linen create the unforgettable atmosphere of this place.

When entering the house you will feel the spirit of Provence as the walls of the living room are decorated with pictures presenting features of the region. You will also be surrounded by lavender colour and the herb itself – in all its forms – dried or fresh as well as local herbs like St John's wort, marjoram, thyme and sage. Our fully furnished bedrooms create the part of the house devoted to rest and good sleep, however more romantic a soul may even desire to sleep in front of the fire place.