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More about the Garden of Malanowka



The living room opens itself for a beautiful verandah overlooking the lake – it is a wonderful place to drink your morning coffee and start your day. It is also a place where you can sit and observe the herds of wild boars or deer looking for food.

Entering the gate you ‘bear off (your) yearning soul to roam Those little wooded hills, those fields beside The azure (Radecin lake), spreading green and wide’ just to quote the famous poet.

Imagine yourself having a rest with a good book and a glass of wine in this beautiful surroundings, after having spent your day walking or cycling nearby. Wonderful, isn’t it..?

Here, in Malanowka you are sure to have a good rest, being surrounded by the beauty of nature and you will have a great pleasure cooking for yourself, then enjoying your meal in a good company as there is a place for a fire and a barbecue.

(translation of Pan Tadeusz by Kenneth R.Mackenzie)