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Attractions around Malanówka



The citizens of Radęcin are nice, kind and always helpful. It is useful when organizing events like a sleigh ride. They will bring you freshly picked mushroom or blackberries. They can also sell fresh fish, milk, cheese, butter or eggs laid by “happy hens” or even a young cock to make healthy, aromatic broth..

Lavender Malanowka is a place where it is only up to you how to spend your free time.



For those who like to spend their time actively we recommend hiking, cycling or canoeing on the river Drawa.

The river Drawa is exceptionally attractive for canoeing as it is the only lowland river in Poland with a part of over 20 km long which is similar to those characteristic of mountain rivers. Only the most experienced oarsmen can test their abilities here. It is worth mentioning that the former pope John Paul II was canoeing on the river Drawa several time and one of the trails is hence named after him.

Quoting www.dpn.pl “There is a 77 km long marked net of hiking trails within the area of the Drawa National Park and its closest surroundings. They run through the forests, by the rivers and lakes, sand roads, paved ones, though the hills and valleys”

“A great attraction for horse-riders can be excursions through the forests of the Drawa Forest. The area of the Drawa National Park can be explored on horseback on the horseback trails outlined in the area and on public roads. The marking of a horseback trail is an emblem of an orange circle against white background painted on tree trunks and on other local objects.” www.dpn.pl

In winter season cross country skiing or nordic walking encourage visiting local villages or woods – places which seem to be untouched by civilization. After a day full of impressions you will take great pleasure in warming yourself at a fire with a glass of hot wine. Baking potatoes or apples at the fire will be also a great fun for your kids, helping them to develop positive attitude toward this form of spending free time as well as giving them values necessary when they grow up. Such unforgettable moments will remain in their memories for ever, won’t they?

If you are stressed, a god idea is to stroll in the countryside or just go to pick mushrooms. Our woods have plenty of themO Those keen on fishing will find here a real paradise – in Radecin there is abundance of perch all year round. However, one may be discouraged by difficulty in getting here as in the winter season the roads are often covered with snow.

If you are artistically talented or feel the need to express yourself in such a way there is no other place that can provide better inspiration for painters or sculptors.




  • Mierzęcin - Horse Day
  • Strzelce Krajeńskie - Cycling Race
  • Strzelce Krajeńskie - The Strzelce Fair
  • Strzelce Krajeńskie - PRANT CUP Beach Soccer Tournament -
  • Gorzów Wielkopolski -  Fair Health and Beauty Wellness
  • Budachów – The Russian Pierogi Fair
  • Słowin – Midsummer Night



  • Ługi
  • International Festival of the Lemkos (“Watra”)
  • Strzelce Krajeńskie - Regional Cuisine Fair
  • Gorzów - Romane Dyvesa International Gypsy Music Festival



  • Kostrzyń
  • The Woodstock Festival
  • Radęcin – Yeast Cake Day
  • Długie – Shanties Festival
  • Długie – Beach Soccer
  • Drezdenko – Organ and Chamber Music Festival



  • Dobiegniew - Apple plucking
  • Dobiegniew – Oflag II C Woldenberg Reunion
  • Gościkowo – Paradyż – “Music in Paradise” Festival
  • Gorzów – IX Beer Festival